This page contains all of the best resources for Web Scraping and other Growth Hacking tools that I've create and I use.

TagIE: RPA and Web Scraping :

TagIE_Editor is a "Browser Automation Editor" which contains a collection of the best ressources and functions for Browser Automation and Web-Scraping, inside a simple interface

Useful for "Non-Programming skills" people and also for programmers for quick strategies implementations

Other usefull ressources I use

TagUi : Automation Chrome/Firefox Web Browser :

  • automate Chrome visibly or headlessly
  • visual automation of websites and desktop
  • write in 20+ human languages & JavaScript
  • Chrome extension for recording web actions
  • R & Python integration for big data / AI / ML

My TagUi Scripts Repository on GitHub : Here (TagUI Code Writere, Screenshoter)

AutoHotKey :

  • Powerful. Easy to learn.
  • The ultimate automation scripting language for Windows.

My AutoHotKey Scripts Repository on GitHub : Here (Marco Recorder)

SMS Marketing API:

  • Create your own Rest API for SMS from any scripts (PHP, TagUI, AHK scripts... )

My Repository on GitHub : Here 

z-Cron: Windows Scheduler (Powerful for illimited tasks)