This page contains all of the best resources for RPA, Data analytic that I've create and other that I use.

R Statistical Analysis

Extract data, make regressions, Decision trees, plots ... in Rstudio
Applications: Six Sigma projects, Trading systems, Web analytic.

TagIE: RPA and Web Scraping :

TagIE_Editor is a "Browser Automation Editor" which contains a collection of the best ressources and functions for Browser Automation and Web-Scraping, inside a simple interface

Useful for "Non-Programming skills" people and also for programmers for quick strategies implementations


TagUi : Automation Chrome/Firefox Web Browser :
automate Chrome visibly or headlessly
visual automation of websites and desktop
write in 20+ human languages & JavaScript
Chrome extension for recording web actions
R & Python integration for big data / AI / ML

My TagUi Editor provides a easy way to insert and test Web Automation scripts, for FREE

Other usefull ressources 

Some Bots examples using TagIE :

    API_json_parsing.ahk: API and json parser example on YouTube query

    Republish_old_blog_posts_TagIE.ahk: Re-publish old Blog Posts Randomly on FacebookGroups and Linkedin ! [TagIE]

    linkedIN_msg.ahk: Send Messages to a filtered list of LinkedIn contacts! (Put fiel message in same directory: ie msg_natale.txt)

    LinkedIn_connect_click_tagIE.ahk: Grow your Linkedin Network (TagIE)

    Instagram_Liker_Follower_Hashtag_list_TagIE.ahk: Instagram Liker and Follower for Hashtag list [TagIE]

    Example_5_TagIE_click_on_text.ahk: Click on text in IE: make easy navigation! Click on any text of links or Button in IE pages - TagIE

    parser_RSS: Extract RSS Feed.ahk: Example of Parsing Html or Xml with TagIE

    Example_4.ahk: clicks on items one by one from result page (TagIE)

    Simple_web_scrap_TagIE.ack: Simple web scraping example on TagIE

    chrome_text_click_example_TagIE.ahk: On Chrome: Find text on page and wait ... until it appears and click! (TagIE)

    facebook_multi_group_sharer_tagIE.ahk: Share in multiple Facebook groups - TagIE example

    kijiji_joboffer_autoresponder_TagIE.ahk: Autorisponder to ads or posts on Kijiji with TagIE

    youtube_auto_comment.ahk: Make Youtube Comments on each Video of a query [TagIE]

    facebook_liker_tagie.ack: Facebook Liker clicking on TagIE

    export_dow_table_csv_tagIE.ahk: Export a Table to CSV with TagIE

AutoHotKey :

  • Powerful. Easy to learn.
  • The ultimate automation scripting language for Windows.

My AutoHotKey Scripts Repository on GitHub : Here (Marco Recorder)

SMS Marketing API:

  • Create your own Rest API for SMS from any scripts (PHP, TagUI, AHK scripts... )

My Repository on GitHub : Here 

MQL4 : Scripts for Trading Platform Metatrader4:

R financial analysis with Machine learning for Trading system implementation

z-Cron: Windows Scheduler (Powerful for illimited tasks)

FOLLOW IN Chrome Extension

Click on all Connection suggestions to expande you Network Quickly:
- Goto Network Page
- reload page to launch auto-click with F5

It works in any language.