with RPA* and Machine Learning

*At PC DREAM, we provide Robotic Process Automation (RPA) strategies and Machine Learning (ML).

In all markets, there are too many datapoints that human can not interpret. Humans are limited by our own experiences and the available data.

At PC DREAM, using RPA and ML technics, we constantly learn and generate new strategies to advance your investment goals.


My name is Arnaud DEGARDIN. Born in France in 1978, I'm currently live in Italy in North of Milan.  I'm a consultant in Marketing Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (R), Growth Hacking, web-marketing, Web-Scraping, Books, Advertising, SEO, Social Marketing.
I'm also available for Chemical Engineer, project manager for Continuous Improvement, Six Sigma (as Black Belt), Data Analytic, Operational Excellence, for Full-time or Part-time Jobs, on site or off-site.
-Coding Languages I know th best: HTML, PHP, Javascript, R, SQL, Autohotkey.
-RPA Software: TagUI (CasperJS), TagIE (autohotkey), iMacros, UIPath, APIs...
-Statistical tools and Six Sigma: DMAIC, PDCA, R machine learning, Minitab